The New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards recognise excellence and achievement across the energy sector. They communicate and educate both the sector and the public on the critical work being done to ensure reliable and affordable energy supply as we transition to a net-zero future while operating to the highest standards.

Here are some of the reasons to enter and tell your story and associate with the awards:

  • Lead the growth and development of the sector as a whole by sharing useful information via stories of success
  • Establish a position of leadership through demonstration or association
  • Attract and retain talent and investment through your values and behaviour
  • Strengthen your social licence and commitment to social responsibility

The New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards categories are chosen to reflect today’s business priorities and offer entry opportunities for organisations and individuals.

We encourage prospective entrants to consider projects, products, policies and people. And that “business as usual” activity might actually be best-in-class.


  • The quality of your entry is very important. It should be well written, accurate and to-the-point
  • A winning entry will be a good story, well told. It is over to you to convince the judges why your project, individual or initiative is excellent, and the entry form is the place to do this
  • Remember, it takes time to write a good entry, so get your story started early
  • Your business-as-usual might be so excellent as to take the award home on the night – don’t be discouraged from entering if your day-to-day operations are best-in-class
  • The CEO and others on the executive team will often want to be involved in compiling the entry and the final proof. Get the team together to agree on the process, sign off and involvement levels
  • To benefit from these awards, you do need to put your best foot forward from the outset, so here are six tips to help you complete your awards application and stand out to the judges


  • Think strategically
  • Play to your strengths
  • Sense check – read aloud
  • Create the final version – get it signed off
  • No extension will be given, so get started now
  • Get everyone booked in: Input, review, sign off, awards dinner