Energy Resources Aotearoa

Energy Resources Aotearoa (formerly PEPANZ) aims to represent a wider energy resources sector.

This includes the explorers, producers and users of New Zealand’s natural gas, oil and other energy resources. Our vision is a successful and sustainable energy resources sector that makes New Zealand a better place, through and beyond the transition to lower emissions.

Our sector helps create vibrant, prosperous and sustainable communities. Our energy drives jobs and exports, heats our homes, and earns taxes and royalties to pay for public services. The best energy system is balanced: affordable, reliable and sustainable. We are constructively supporting balanced energy choices to benefit all New Zealanders as we make the transition to a lower emissions world. We are partnering with the Government and other key players to help make this transition a reality. We care about our country. Our people. Our natural environment. And we want the best for New Zealand.

We are determined to be a part of the solution and help lead the way, for the good of all New Zealanders. That’s why our new name is Energy Resources Aotearoa.

John Carnegie - Chief Executive