Phoenix Recycling Group

Phoenix Recycling Group is proudly 100% NZ owned. We are a nationwide recycling business, facilitating solutions that deliver the circular economy of multiple materials and products through its supply chain; locally and globally; end-to-end. 

As NZ electrifies, we will ensure zero waste; supporting all sectors as they replace and expand infrastructure to decarbonize.  From transformers to the copper lines connecting all energy, solar panel recycling to crucial decarbonisation of raw materials like nickel and lithium from recycling all battery types; we are ensuring future infrastructure can be manufactured from 100% recycled raw material. 

The positive impact for our environment and our people is a purpose worth pursuing, enhancing and evolving; infinitely.

Phoenix is independently Toitū Envirocare Net Carbon Zero certified - offsetting every truck kilometre, every equipment movement between and within their yards and demolition sites, every container movement to destination port of their global recycling partners as they electrify.  Phoenix delivers vertically integrated deconstruction and recycling solutions, with corresponding sustainability data and emissions reporting for their customers’ climate related disclosures.

Metals are at the heart of the global circular economy.  Globally we need to reach net zero by transitioning to renewable sources of energy.  Metals are core ingredients of all clean energy technologies; Phoenix’s metallic products for remelt will help power the future and build the essential infrastructure for a sustainable future.

Contact details: for branch closest and services or 0800 727 2778

Julian O’Connell – National Infrastructure De-Commissioning Manager +64 (0)21 498 971
Simon Prendergast – National Trader +64 (0)22 807 0505