11 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Tina Frew – Meridian Energy

Tina Frew is an established professional with proven capability in developing and executing strategy, and an ability to bring together diverse...

10 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Octopus Energy – demand flexibility

Octopus Energy says its mission is to use technology to accelerate decarbonisation by shifting demand to lower-cost and lower-carbon times of the...

9 Aug 2023


EnergyMate is a free energy coaching programme that is centred on strong, local relationships with community providers that include kaupapa Māori...

8 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Ngāwhā Generation

Ngāwhā Generation says a surprise threat from the Climate Change Commission provided an interruption to its business model for the better.


7 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: solarZero - community energy resilience

solarZero designs its solar and battery systems so that households have power for critical loads when the grid goes down.

That resilience...

4 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Contact Energy – retailer category

Contact has not been resting on its laurels since winning the Energy Retailer of the Year award in 2022.

The company says the win set a...

3 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Ecogas – closing the food and energy loop

Ecogas says anaerobic digestion is an important tool to help deal with the significant challenge posed by the country’s food waste.


2 Aug 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: SmartCo – collaboration with Hiko Energy Insights

SmartCo, a joint venture serving over 250,000 consumers across New Zealand, has undertaken a data and technology initiative to improve electrical...

1 Aug 2023

AWARDS PROFILE: Methanex wellbeing plan

Methanex has revitalised its approach to wellbeing based on Te Whare Tapa Whā, a well-established Māori model of health and care.

The plan...

31 Jul 2023

AWARDS FINALIST: Genesis – EVerywhere

In September 2022, Genesis Energy introduced a new product – EVerywhere – available exclusively to its customers.

EVerywhere is a New...