25 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: Methanex – Investing in new distillation technology to reduce emissions

An upgrade of Methanex’s two distillation columns at its Motunui site will save up to 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year. 


24 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: OMV NZ – Empowering holistic health and well-being

When Covid-19 arrived in Aotearoa, OMV New Zealand needed to rapidly change the way it cared for its people. 

It already had offshore...

23 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: Infratec – New Zealand's first utility-scale battery energy storage system online

Infratec’s Rotohiko project at Huntly delivered a range of firsts for the industry. 

The 35 MWh system, connected to WEL...

22 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: Lodestone Energy – Harnessing the sun, phase 1

Lodestone Energy set out to deliver, by 2025, the largest solar project Aotearoa has seen.

Capitalising quickly on its first-mover...

18 Jul 2024


Ecotricity, New Zealand's only climate-positive certified electricity provider, was the country’s fastest-growing retailer in the two years to...

12 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: WEL Networks – Pioneering positive change

WEL Networks is at the forefront of a transformation in New Zealand's energy landscape, from the traditional one-way electricity distribution...

10 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: EECA – Regional energy transition accelerator programme

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s Regional Energy Transition Accelerator – or Reta – is a groundbreaking initiative to...

8 Jul 2024

AWARDS FINALIST: Mataura Valley Milk – Project Recharge - High Pressure Electrode Boiler

Mataura Valley Milk's Project Recharge has reduced the company’s emissions by about 22,000 tonnes a year and demonstrated an effective role for...