ERANZ – EnergyMate - harnessing the power of social procurement to reduce energy hardship


EnergyMate is a free energy coaching programme centred on strong, local relationships with community-based organisations, including kaupapa Māori and and Pacific-led community providers. It is available through in-home energy coaching, community workshops, remote phone/video calling, and digital channels. 
Many of the homes that EnergyMate has engaged with are poor quality and difficult to heat. Energy coaches are equipped to provide independent advice and support and target the service to best meet the needs of each whānau. The energy coaches connect the clients with their electricity retailer to ensure they are on the best plan and payment options. They also refer clients to curtain banks,  healthy homes services or budgeting when they need extra support.    
Evaluation results show that for clients with debt to their retailer, the reduction in average monthly debt 12 months after an EnergyMate visit is 33 per cent.