Oji Fibre Solutions – Geothermal Steam

Tasman Mill Conversion to Geothermal Steam

Oji Fibre Solutions Tasman Mill in Kawerau has burnt coal and waste oil along with wood residues in a boiler to provide steam for process heat requirements.

The Mill has recently undergone a transformation which included the conversion of the steam system to geothermal steam and the decommissioning of this boiler.

This conversion to geothermal steam has eliminated the use of coal and reduced the use of oil, directly reducing emissions by over 10,000 TCO2‐e/annum, while avoiding a further 10,000 TCO2‐e/annum in emissions and saving OjiFS over $4M/annum.

Indirect emissions savings are estimated at an additional 18,000 TCO2‐e/annum.