Gas Association of New Zealand (GANZ)

The Gas Association of New Zealand (GANZ) represents companies and organisations in the gas sector involved in the transportation of gas. The full members are Nova EnergyPowerco,  GasnetVectorFirst Gas. Gas Equipment Suppliers (GES) has a group membership, and there are a number of associate members. GANZ also has a membership category for network Contractors, members are Electrix and Downer Group. The gas equipment suppliers group (GES) of the Gas Association of New Zealand has created a special membership class for appliance retailer members. The objectives of the GES group is to provide a forum for continued development of the Gas Appliance sector that can effectively interact with other stakeholders to provide a safe, sustainable and vibrant industry. The Gas appliance retailer membership class has been established to provide appliance retailers with an opportunity to contribute to the industry’s development and growth. The Association’s objective is to facilitate a safe, effective and sustainable industry. It is a proactive forum that identifies, discusses and resolves issues impacting the health and sustainable development of the industry. GANZ’s prime focus is on the safety and technical aspects of the natural gas industry. Its representatives are involved with many organisations on behalf of its members, including New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group, Gas Industry Standards Advisory Group, MITO (the industry training organisation), Energy Safety. GANZ also has two standing sub-committees; the Technical Advisory Group and the Gas Training Committee.