Harsharan Singh

Operations Manager - Energy Networks & Renewables

Harsharan Singh has over 10 years of experience working in the Energy Sector in New Zealand and Australia. He recently joined Ventia as a Project Manager and leads the construction of High Voltage assets in New Zealand. Previously Harsharan worked as an Associate Engineer and a Team Leader with Beca. Harsharan thrives on meeting people who bring diversity and thought leadership. He believes in upskilling himself through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and leadership development opportunities. He is an empathetic leader, who looks after his team’s wellbeing, provides guidance and support, and empowers his team to achieve their desired goals. Harsharan’s passion for the energy sector has led him to volunteer as a Co-Chair for Young Energy Professionals Network (YEPN). YEPN is a network of individuals who share a passion for the energy sector, and the network is supported by the BusinessNZ Energy Council. Harsharan also mentors young professionals working in the energy sector as part of the YEPN Coffee Catch-up program.