Mighty River Power

Take Charge: Powering up on homegrown energy

Mighty River Power launched its ‘Take Charge’ initiative in November 2014 to help showcase the tremendous potential of New Zealand’s renewable electricity supply as a transport fuel.

The Company has taken a lead on what it sees as the most exciting green growth opportunity for New Zealand – and has been calling on others to help accelerate the uptake of plug-in vehicles.

The launch of ‘Take Charge’ and the publicity it has generated is part of a deliberate strategy to develop a national conversation around plug-in electric vehicles and the transformative role they can play for consumers, the economy and the environment.

An important first step for the Company was to make a meaningful commitment itself. Mighty River now has nearly 20% of its fleet plugging in and is working towards having 70 per cent of its fleet as plug-in electric by 2018.

Mighty River is also supporting electric vehicle uptake and growth in New Zealand with the installation of charging infrastructure and collaborative efforts to drive momentum. It has developed partnerships with vehicle manufacturers, to encourage more plug-in models into New Zealand and has committed to the ‘Renewables Highway’ initiative that will give New Zealand a complete network of public charging stations – covering the length of the country, and spreading through the regions and to key tourism destinations.

This commitment to making a material difference to New Zealand’s financial and environmental health has become a defining feature of Mighty River, and has been embraced throughout the Company, with CEO Fraser Whineray a leading voice and advocate for electric vehicles.

Fraser’s enthusiasm and passion for EVs, has been contagious – generating pride within the Company and a high level of engagement with key influencers and other stakeholders, who are now taking up the ‘Take Charge’ challenge.

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