Tauranga-based Trustpower is New Zealand’s fourth-largest electricity retailer. Its generation portfolio of primarily medium sized hydro and wind assets forms a base of support for its 260,000 [two hundred and sixty thousand] electricity and gas retail customers.

Trustpower’s innovative multi-utility offering saw them experience tremendous growth in customer numbers in the past year. It was the fastest growing energy and telecommunications provider in the country.  Almost 45,000 of its customers now also take telecommunications services from Trustpower.

The company received the best survey scores out of all the five largest retailers and the highest score of 61% for resolving problems in a timely manner in the Consumer New Zealand survey.

Customer comments include “Getting unlimited broadband for a good price as part of the bundle is what swung it for us” and “they have great customer service. People on the phones are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful”.