Paul Goodeve


Paul Goodeve, operations support general manager at Powerco, achieves results that add value to the company. In the period under review he completed several projects, each core to the company's commercial success, which also reflect his ability to manage resources and relationships and his deep understanding of the industry in which he works.

One such project was the successful negotiation of a first-of-its-kind agreement between Powerco and Tangata Whenua in relation to the company's Eastern network. The result is described as a new "meaningful and sustainable" relationship between the parties and will be used as a basis for similar agreements elsewhere.

Paul used those same relationship-building skills to form the company's 100-plus strong Operations Support Team, an initiative aimed at increasing information sharing and alignment of previously separated business teams within Powerco.

To get the project off the ground, Paul canvassed `clients' of the service to establish a baseline and identify the improvements needed. He then challenged team members to think beyond their own business unit and about the company and its place in the wider industry. He has since gone about recruiting, retaining and developing talented staff members.

Powerco says Paul has shown particular interest and skill in this aspect of his role, trusting his employees to rise to the challenge when given the opportunity, and providing mentorship to those in need of it.

While the implementation of the Operations Support Team is still in its initial phases, the company has been impressed with the way Paul has approached the challenge head-on, meeting objectives and paving the way for enduring success. Staff engagement levels within the new team exceed Powerco's overall metrics.

Key projects

Paul's ability to engage with stakeholders at every level, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of the wider legislative, tax, and economic environment the industry operates in, has been key in delivering other key projects in the past year.

He has lobbied effectively on the Commerce Commission's input methodologies, influencing changes the company considers have had "a significant, favourable impact on Powerco valuations."

He also showed ingenuity and tenacity in driving a review of the business's 2004 Optimised Depreciated Valuation. Three Valuation Integrity Projects were completed last year, correcting inaccuracies in the earlier valuations which led to an increase to Powerco's regulatory asset base of almost 20 per cent. Under the current regulatory derivation, the increase is effectively a dollar for dollar rise in the enterprise value of the company.

Paul was also central to ensuring Powerco's innovative rural supply option - Basepower - was able to surmount potential legal and regulatory hurdles that stood in the way of its commercial success.

Changes to the new Electricity Industry Act, passed in 2010, ended a requirement that pre-1993 customers receive electricity line services, enabling the use of alternative supplies like Basepower. The units are also recognised by the Commerce Commission as a legitimate cost within the lines business.

Paul was also responsible for steering Powerco's implementation of a unique, New Zealand-first integrated billing and ICP management process. The system, accessed by a single web-based portal, has vastly improved invoicing and put an increased focus on quality. Billing is now protected from inaccuracy, errors and leakage.

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