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22 Sep 2021

Utilities Disputes (UDL) is pleased to sponsor the Editor's Award at the 2022 New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards,” says Kōmihana/Commissioner Mary Ollivier. “This award is the perfect opportunity to recognise an outstanding individual who has made a definitive difference to the energy sector over a significant period. In sponsoring this award, we also highlight the vital work UDL does each day in working with consumers and providers.”

The New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards is an ideal initiative to support excellence in the sector.

UDL resolves complaints about utilities providers, and is free to consumers, independent, and fair. UDL has been helping resolve electricity and gas complaints since 2001. Common issues are about billing, customer service, meters, supply, and disconnection. Each year more than 9000 people contact us. We approach each issue case by case, working together with the consumer and the provider, creating positive change for individuals and a better economy for Aotearoa.  

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