Dave Binnie (He/Him)

Dave Binnie is General Manager Energy at Tuaropaki Trust and the former Head of Supply for Z Energy, NZ’s largest downstream fuels company.  Dave joined Z in 2014 and has overseen the merger of Chevron’s NZ’s assets into Z, re-integrating Z’s terminal network back the company and commissioning NZ’s first commercial scale Bio-fuels plant. Prior to Z Dave spent over 25 years with BP and briefly leading Petroleum and Minerals development for the New Zealand government.

In 2006 Dave made his first venture into low carbon energy leading BP’s Hydrogen Power project in Abu Dhabi.  Since then, he has lead Z’s investment in Bio-fuels.  A passionate advocate that change comes from within, he believes that the private sector is in a unique place to lead the energy transition.  Since it’s formation in 2010, Z has taken a leadership position in NZ in being part of the solution and moving to transition to a low carbon future most recently publishing it’s house view of fuel demand over the next decade providing insight and perspective to the national debate.